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In this section about Elliot, those that loved him, friends and family, pay tribute in the way of anecdotes, stories and written fond memories.

Absolutely amazing he was a great guy

~ Wayne Bloye

Former boss

Hi Jezz, I hope you’re well. I was Elliot’s boss at the youth centre in Downham for the time he worked there, and I wanted to send you a message to express my sadness to hear he has died. I wanted to let you know that Elliot struck up a big fan club at the centre and I know he had a big impact on the young people he worked with that I am sure will stay with them. Furthermore, I think for several, he helped them to realise they can be whoever they want to be and that they should always be themselves. And for me personally, despite being Elliot’s manager, I learnt so much from my time with him, and I am grateful to have worked alongside him. We were polar opposites, but that’s what made us a good team in the end.
Do you have plans for a funeral?
Thanks and condolences. Ali

I miss Elliot terribly ❤️❤️❤️❤️

~ Olga Bloye

From the neighbour

Hello, I’m Dean's son, the next door neighbour to Elliot. We were very friendly and Elliot helped me a lot when I was going through the rough patch of my life. I honestly miss him a lot, and he was one of my best friends. We were just hanging out; chatting about every day stuff. My wife and I were friends with Elliot, and he was at our wedding, as well. Elliot did a slipknot picture for my wife and she still has it. He was just an amazing person that we knew, and we honestly miss him terribly... it was a massive loss for us. Such a positive person. My wife used to say he’s like a sun on a rainy day. Elliot use to say "happy days" and all the problems seem to go away.

He is still an amazing man. Going through all the stuff that he had to deal with, and he still put a smile on everyone else’s face. Even though sometimes, I could see that he was in pain with his cluster headaches, or one of the other things he had to deal with, but every time that I asked him if he’s cool, he would just smile and just say; "it’s happy days, mate" and he would go straight back and try to help me with my problem. You, and everyone who knew him, he is in all our hearts and minds. I mean everyday stuff I do. If I’m not sure about something, I just think: 'what would Elliot say?' Or 'what would Elliot do in my situation?' And somehow it comes to me really clearly. When I think like that... that's why your brother is such an amazing legend of a bloke, which we all really miss.

Still difficult to accept you’ve moved on... yet you’re still close. An early piece of yours hangs solid above. Always a legend @block151stage 👑 RIP Elliot Warren 🛹🎹🎧

~ Chad Marwick


One of the coolest and most relaxed people to have coloured my world.
I write this upon discovering your passing away, but only because we had only met a few times... at your Mum and sister's home in Harlow, for your Nan's funeral service, when you stayed with us for a few days and a trip to Brighton that still holds fond memories.

What a legend he was, I miss him a lot.

~ Craig Bloye

So sad to hear. What a sweet guy. Love to all his friends and family

~ Hazel Moon

Rest easy my brother, 👊🏻 🛹 🎨 👊🏻

~ Al Ritchie

Rest In Peace Brother! From your Aussie crew. Love to your family and friends. ❤️

~ Artof Arise